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I live in an older flat, and the guys from Soho Handyman Company do regular home repairs. They have done an incredible on every job I've hired them for. They are always polite and are very good at what they do.

  • Lindsay Cooper

It was a top-notch, fast, efficient, handyman service. It was just sheer professionalism, no fuss from Soho Handyman.

  • Sandra M.

I was fighting some serious home repairs and I needed the extra hands. What I got instead from Soho Handyman was a full service on the cheap and I never had to move a finger doing it.

  • John H.

A lot of talent is needed to make walls look like pieces of art, and for this purpose I hired Soho Handyman Service for painting and decorating. They have the best decorators that I've ever seen! The choice of the perfect colour is usually an issue for me, but in this case it was so easy, thanks to the professionalism and experience of the team. They also did an amazing job preserving the flooring and furnishings from paint spills and drops, which would be almost impossible if I did it by myself.

  • Sam Morden

When I had emergency repairs to take care of I decided to hire Soho Handyman because they were available on the day. They handled my drain unblocking for a great price, which was perfect for me as I'm on a budget. I didn't need to fret or panic as the job was taken care of immediately. This is a great service!

  • Colin T.

We had some plumbing jobs that needed completing on our new build and had Soho Handyman Services carry them out. Everything they did was efficient and of a high quality and they didn't mind the fact that they were finishing off another plumber's work. They really helped to solve a lot of problems we had on site and we're so grateful to them for their hard work and the fact they worked out of hours to get things completed for us so that we weren't delayed. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Mark Smith

There is no doubt that the handymen from Handyman Services Soho are the best that I have ever dealt with. They arrived right on time, and straight away they wanted to know what needed doing. They listened to my needs and explained what they could do to solve the problems. I felt completely in control of the situation and knew exactly what was happening the whole time. The team worked fast and my home was in full working order again in no time at all. Whatever odd jobs you need done, these are definitely the guys to help!

  • Bradley Mason

Soho Handyman Service were brilliant taking care of my home repairs. The service was cheap and cheerful and everything was completed quickly and efficiently. Couldn't have asked for anything better and would definitely recommend their services!

  • Bianca Gill

A few years ago I needed a plumber in a hurry and called Soho Handyman Services who came and fixed the problem quickly and cheaply. I've used them ever since for all my home maintenance and recommend them highly to anyone.

  • D. Lisleworth

I often find I have accumulated lots of odd jobs around the house and that's when I always call Soho Handyman Service. I live alone and it's hard for me to do all those small repairs myself and their handymen are so well qualified and efficient it doesn't even make sense to! I have never had any cause for complaint with their professional handyman services. Plus, they are great value for money so you really can't go wrong!

  • M. Saunders